Moving Sale

All pedals/board/cables are basically mint/excellent condition. Package includes :

-Ernie Ball VP JR
-Boss TU-2
-HBE Medicine Bawl
-Limited Edition HBE Power Screamer (#26/100)
-MI Audio Tube Zone
-Frantone Peach Fuzz
-Sniper Modded Boss GE-7
-ISP Decimator
-EHX Holy Grail
-MXR Carbon Copy (bought less then a month ago)
-SIB Mr Echo
-Boss RC-2
-2 set of George L's (a week or so old)
-Pedaltrain Pro w/ soft case (a week or so old)

$1400 + shipping (do the math to realize its a hell of a deal) I am not splitting it up and the Xotic AC is NOT included. Most have the original boxes of which i can include.

Fender Highway 1 60th Anniversary Edition American Telecaster-recently had a professional fret level/crown/polish, has upgraded pickups (Bare Knuckle Pile Driver set worth about $300),includes fender gigbag. Minimal wear but not pristine, $775 shipped CONUS.

Xotic AC-limited edition chrome, excellent condition, $160 shipped CONUS

PodXT Live-near mint with 3 upgrade packs included (MS/CC/FX) $300 shipped CONUS

Dunlop 535q Wah-Good condition with a few blemishes (none of which effect functionality),$65 shipped CONUS

EHX English Muff'n-near mint with power supply, $150 shipped CONUS

EHX Holy Stain-near mint with power supply, $70 shipped CONUS

Toadworks Lil Leo-near mint, $75 shipped CONUS

Behringer FCB1010-near mint with manual, $100 shipped CONUS

MI Audio Crunchbox V2-near mint, $100 shipped CONUS

Avatar Traditional 4x12- Excellent shape,2 celestion v30's/2 celestion g12h30's,8 ohm, $300 + shipping

Carvin Legacy 4x12-Excellent condition, 4 UK made Celestion Greenbacks,16 ohm,$400 + shipping

All prices are shipped CONUS, paypal add fees, prices are firm, PM me thanks.
off topic, but i'm thinking about getting the MXR carbon copy, what do you think of it? would you recommend it?
Top notch delay pedal. Cant beat it for the price and features (analog/modulation/small size/bright led/true bypass/etc)
so that bord is only being sold as a set? is there anyway i could talk u into lettin trade u for pedaltrain? il make u a good deal.
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Sorry to ask, but is there a chance you could sell the Mr. Echo alone?
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All PM's replied to, again everyone must note that im NOT splitting up the pedalboard.
used666 is very cool to deal with, Just a heads up
Jackson Dxmg w/dimarzios up n down
Jackson DK2t
Carvin DC127
ValveKing 100 head
5150 head
Recto-Verb 112
1960a Marshal 4x12
FFFDFEFRFKFFF,jeremylp,atreyurock9, noahfor, Vangkm, Used666, and sgtshak- great sellers/traders!!
If the Behringer FCB1010-near mint with manual, $100 shipped CONUS is still available please let me know as I am intrested!
Dunlop 535Q and EHX Holy Stain have been sold

Great guy to do business with. Received these a few weeks ago.

damn...I wish I had money.