Hope you guys can shed some enlightenment, here. Ok, so concerning an Ibanez acoustic I have: it seems that both the low e and high go out of tune most, not that this guitar goes wildly out of tune, but those are the ones I find myself adjusting the most. The high e string has been changed a few weeks ago, but not the low since I bought it about half a year ago ( I know some will suggest changing them all at once, but what I'm noticing I haven't on other acoustics, maybe I'm just lazy but I'm rarely one to change them all at once unless the new strings and old clash too much in tone). The low e has a slight buzzing as well, which pisses me off. The guage has remained constant.

So, my question is, wtf is the problem? Does it need to be bought in for a set up or will a new set of strings fix it (I think no)? I don't think the buzzing was there when I first bought it, but it might be that it was there all along and I am only now hearing it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
You're supposed to change strings about every month. They'll be out of tune because they are so stretched out. Get a new set, it's the cheapest thing to do, and there will be a noticeable difference. For the fret buzz, take it my your local music store and see if the fret needs to be replaced, it might be worn down from wear, my guitar is at the shop right now getting a fret replaced.

Good luck!
Thanks for the reply! You know how strings will get little black spots on them on around the fret markings when they get mad worn out? The low e hasn't so I just assummed it wasn't too worn out. But I do play like two hours a day on average on that, so maybe I'm just lazy about changing them (I only do it when they break!). I have a whole new set of strings hangin' around for their time under the strum, just wanted some opinons before changing them all (not a fun use of time to me but if this is how it's gonna go, then I will do it!).
I agree, change all your strings, wait for them to settle down. If the same two strings are still constantly going out of tune, it might be your tuners.
I read somewhere that Clapton only changes strings when he breaks one, and ususally will only change the 3 high strings then.

One answer aside from stings is possibly the bridge. On my Tak there are shims under the bridge. The first time I changed strings on it one shim moved and my low E started buzzing. A tech friend of mine helped me diagnose and fix the problem. But you will have to take the strings off to remove the bridge, probably should go ahead and throw a new set on then anyway.
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my g and b strings will start buzzing and quacking when they get old. I would deffinitly throw down the 7 bucks for a new set and start there. Plus for me when i put on new strings and play them for about an hour our two to knock the new out of them i get a sweet ringing tone that encourages me to play and work on something i couldnt do the day before. It just gives me confidence and puts me as one with my axe
Strings are garbage after about a month. If you've had strings on for 6 months there's no hope. I couldn't stand the loss of tone for that long. I change mine every two weeks.
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Strings are garbage after about a month. If you've had strings on for 6 months there's no hope. I couldn't stand the loss of tone for that long. I change mine every two weeks.

every two weeks? not a bit exaggerated?
I change mine every two month or one and half.
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People seem to avoided the fret buzz issue a bit...

it can't be because the frets have wore down, because that would make it less likely to buzz. It could possibly be because your nut and/ or bridge has wore down through major use, lowering the action- i recently bought a new slip-in bridge for my acoustic which solved my buzz issue (you can get them from a shop for like 50p) but i think my nut could do with replacing as well.

I'm not sure how you'd go about replacing your nut, never done it myself- but i know that you shouldn't do it yourself as its fairly tricky and if done badly can wreck your guitar.