Alright, I realize picks are kind of a cop out, but I think it'd be a good idea to learn how to play with them. I'm into metal, but I don't have the speed with my fingers to play the kind of metal I'm interested in; I end up essentially playing everything half as fast as the guitarists. As of right now, I've basically just been stealing picks from my guitarist at band practice, but all I really know how to do is play some easy riffs with them. I'd like to get to the point where I can at least fake being comfortable both ways, and I'd like to learn how to speedpick on bass.

1- What kinds of picks would you guys reccomend?

2- Where can I find a good tutorial on practicing pickstyle?


First of all, playing pickstyle isn't copping out, despite what most elitists will say. I'll level with you and say I outright can't play pickstyle. I learned on fingerpicking and can play fairly fast, but I genuinely like the pick tone and have been attempting to learn pickstyle futally for weeks. It hasn't been going well.

As far as picks go though, I'd say Jim Dunlop Derlin 2mm's have never particularly failed me, though I'm sure you'll get a better answer elsewhere.
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yea i like the big chubby's 2 or 3mm

and so long as you keep alternate picking (up down up down up down constantly) or economy picking
(loook it up) thats really all there is to it

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Picks are perfectly acceptable. Period.

Picks are also dead cheap. Go to a music store and get a variety in a different thicknesses. Try them all out. I like the Tortex 1.00 - 1.15 myself.

And the one's that don't work out? Make them into jewelry--necklaces or earrings to give away.
I also play almost exclusively fingerstyle, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing with a pick. I would recommend a thicker pick, think 2mm and up, specifically the 3mm Dunlop Big Stubbies, or a 2mm tortex or delrin pick. Alternate picking is a must if you want to play fast, google it and I'm sure you'll find some good lessons somewhere. Or try looking around on UG, for the most part, picking lessons on guitar can be transferred to bass.
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You're getting into pickstyle bass for all the wrong reasons. It will change your tone a great deal, be prepared for that. I'd recommend not giving up on your fingerstyle playing. Speed is easy to build up if you sit yourself down for an hour or so a day and do some proper exercises. And your right hand is only half the problem with speed. Changing to a pick will not help your fretting hand speed up. It's not a quick fix or cheat way... it's a whole new technique.

That out of the way... most people recommend a heavy (thick) pick, at LEAST 1mm, so that your tone isn't thinned out too much by hitting the strings with a flappy piece of plastic. Best thing to do is go out and buy a bunch of different sizes, brands and styles and see what you like best.

Personally, I'm completely sold on Dunlop Gator Grips, thin ones for acoustic, medium ones for electric guitar and heavy ones for bass.

As for learning the technique, there are dozens upon dozens of lessons and videos on proper picking technique, starting from how to hold the thing to string skipping exercises and whatnot. Google and the lessons section of this very website are your friends here.
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