Im looking to sell my guitar. I dont know a whole lot about it, because they only made a few of them. I do know that it is a Washburn Mercury series, and I believe the model number is Mg104. I attached a few pics, and if you notice, there are some little scratches on the back that were there when i purchased it. They do not affect the sound or playing whatsoever. I'm trying to sell it because it just isn't right for the type of music I play. It looks just like it did when I bought it and plays very nicely. The only specs I could find for it online were:
Seoymour Duncan pups: 59, Custom Hot and Custom Custom
Schaller Floyd Rose
Schaller tuners
Alder body with quilted maple top
maple neck,
Handmade in the USA in chicago in 1992.
2 humbucker, and a single coil pickup, 5 way selector switch

The list price on this guitar in 1992 was $1,100. Its a very nice guitar. still in near mint condition. Im looking to sell it for $500. I have more pics if needed, just PM me. I may be willing to negotiate the price and will consider reasonable trades. Im located in Ohio btw. Thanks
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Free bump, I own an MG-40 (somewhat budget guitar from the Mercury range) and that plays like a total motherf*cker, I can only IMAGINE what this sounds like!

Someone's gonna get a lucky buy!
ya. thanks man. it plays beatifully, im just kinda lookin for a different sound you kno. Something slightly more metal.
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i also thought that i should mention that even though the guitar was made in 1992, i bought it new in December of 2006. I'm the first owner, i bought it from a music store who never took it out of the stock room until the day i got it. Just figured id throw that out there.
srry man, i dont really like sgs, and i can get better pics up sometime soon hopefully. thanks