ok well im extremely confused on how to get desired effects with distortion/tone knobs and those low-medium-high knobs on the amp. i also have a humbucker which changes the sound effects.

this is about the extent of my knowledge: the humbucker takes away all the excess noise however you can turn it off and get all the excess noise if desired. you can turn the fuzz button on your amp on to get "fuzz" distortion. and my three way switch on my guitar switches pickups.

i can never figure out how to get the effects that the actual band/guitarist uses. i always mess around with it and guess and sometimes get close however i have know idea how i got to this effect, why i got this effect, or how i can do it again.

knowing my gear might make a difference so... i have a 15 watt crate amp. pretty basic... and i have have a jackson dinky. its a similar version to the dkmg but it has one extra knob on it. i also have a wah pedal but man, that just adds a ton of knobs n crap so i'm not even gonna get into that.

if anyone can help me out, its greatly appreciated. sorry for the noobiness
I think you're confusing a humbucker with a noise gate. A humbucker is a type of pickup. And a pickup selector isn't an effect.