I'm fairly new to guitar and my cheap starter one fell apart...
So anyway, my dad has an old early 80's Squier Strat, and I'm wondering if I should get it fixed up or just buy a new guitar.
Also, does anyone know how much the guitar would be worth nowadays?
Quote by andy331
probobly next to nothing and id get a new guitar cause squiers = ****...

God, ****ing noobs. Early 80's Squiers were actually amazing guitars for the money. Fix it up man, it's a nice guitar! Pretty sure it's before Fender turned them into ****.
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Buy a MIM Fender Stratocaster (MIM=Made In Mexico)
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Fix it up so that you will learn something about repairing your guitar and if you do a good job you might fall in love with it and will play nicely for you! Its already aged so it should sound nice and you will save money from buying a new one.