I recorded my cousins band last year (a rough demo for their new singer to learn songs by). Anyway the drummer (high school kid) was very good with a double bass pedal. Well in my opinion. Im easily impressed because I suck on the drums. Anyway here is the drum track from one of the tunes. I did add a little of the bass guitar for flavor. You can hear a little the bleed of the guitars too. I was backing up tracks and re-visited this one. I need to listen to some of the other tunes they did before I archive them. The kid is pretty darn quick. http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6531812&q=hi
It's pretty good, but not absolutely amazing, drums are more or less a second instrument for me. I'm not that good, but I know at least 3 people my age (16) who are.
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Personally I dont like the whole speed kick thing. Im too old school. But I wish I could do that if I wanted
I thought it was pretty good.
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not too shabby at all, i would have liked more tom action..

it makes me wish i could practice properly in my apartment. stupid neighbours
i'm more impressed by the recording job on the drums.

snare seems a bit dull tho.
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How old is the kid, cos i have to say there are probably only 2 drummers at my high school that are that good
I've been on drums for a while now and I would have to agree, they were good but not top notch. I did hear some parts where the kick was off but nobody's perfect.

The snare could use some work though...just to bring it out in the mix some more.
More toms would be nice too IMO.

A properly balanced double bass pedal can be very easy to play both fast and slow. I have a cheap $100 double bass on my e-kit and I find it quite hard to play although I am starting to get used to it as I learn double bass.
I don't use it much since I'm more of a classic rock/blues player but its nice to have teh skill available.
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I will post some more of the drum tracks he did when they were down here recording. I believe he is 17 years old. I have a Sonor Force 3007 series drum kit in my studio and use Audix and Shure mics (7 mics) on the kit. I use a Mackie 1640 firewire mixer as my DAW interface. Sorry I responded so late, but Ive been busy. I'll post some more of his drumming and do a proper mix. The initial mixes were just a set the gains and hit record. They didnt want me to spend alot of time on them, because they just wanted rough mixes for the new singer.