In time, the red stains melt away
As sunlight dissipates the fray
And bent-up plastic action figures slink back to their hive.
No shiny sword or fancy spear
Can break this lovely ugly sphere,
God's ball of dirt and grass and bugs, deceptively alive.

A day might last a thousand years,
The ocean could be lonely tears.
It's all in the perspective, in the angle of your eye.
So does it matter if we see
The boundary of infinity?
We're all already standing in a little piece of sky.

And day is night, and love is hate,
And wrong is right, and early's late,
And three is four is six is eight is zero, one and two.
The universe pulsates and breathes,
Warm blood still flows through all its leaves,
This spaceship Earth is all of us,
And I am you, and you are me.
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