Well I'm officially done with school until fall and I need a job. This girl told me about a Temp Agency by my house and it sounds pretty awesome. If anyone has any experience with one could you let me know what I should bring with me and if I should dress nice or just normal?
Dress nicely, smartly, it can't hurt to give off a good impression.
Temp agencies have been pretty good to me.
dress for the kind of work you are looking to get into, if you want to be in an office, dress up, if you are looking more at being in a factory, or a warehouse, dress comfortable. and depending on the kind of work you are looking for, make sure you go to the right agency, different ones deal with different industries
I really am not to picky at ALL with what they give me and I'm the most flexible person ever this summer so I'm pretty sure I can get a job. Damnit I had another question but I forgot...