my intelligent relevance
is as present as peasants reading the new testament/
in a basement full of wasted teenage baseheads/
who only snort the coke as a joke but evoke any/
newcomer who wants to smoke on the mic this **** ain't light like hollywood's female population/
recreation of evolution to readaption of the faceless who walk around tracless/
on los angeles streets, feel the beat, so i gotta clean my feet between the toes/
then i gotta blow my nose, cause my bodily crustrastions oppose/
my natrual formation of voltron/
just get some motrin to ease the pain/
that i left to on the steps of an insane asylum
ok so if i understand your rap correctly, its about "hollywood" going to rehab, it basically talks about the recovery process. i could be wrong though. it also kinda has an anti drug message, referring to drug users and addicts as "faceless" and "traceless".

it overall has a good rhythm, but i dont think its finished, but once again i could be wrong.

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