I've been thinking about getting a new guitar and i'm stuck on what to choose. I either want a semi-hollow electric like the Ibanez Artcore/ES-335, or a better Epiphone Les Paul(either a plain top or custom). I play mostly classic rock stuff like Clapton, zeppelin, SRV, and hendrix.If i could get other peoples opinions it would be helpful.
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to be honest, for the clapton/srv/hendrix sound, you can't go wrong with a quality strat, but if you're deadset on a hollowbody, i'd go and see if you could try out an es-335, it'll easily get that nice blues tone you want. i dont think a les paul is gonna give you the versatility to play all those artists styles, but all four of the guys you mentioned played strats (jimmy page played on a strat for a bit before getting his #1 les paul, the other three played almost exclusively on stratocasters)