I have an ESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000. It comes with Seymour Duncan JB and 59. I bought a PAF Pro for the neck and I'm thinking about an X2N for the bridge. Suggestions or comments?
You're playing through a Line 6 Spider III and you're asking what pickups will give you tone?

Lace Sensor Drop and Gaines will give you everything you want and more, even after the nearly flawless signal that they create are bastardized into heap of binary that clips if you push it towards volume levels where real amps shine.

Not to say that I have a real amp...

And equally good use of your money would be to consider replace your amp's speakers... I changed the stockers out of my Crate RFX 120 (because they were breaking up on the clean channel) so I replaced them with a pair of Eminence Red, White & Blues... Night and day difference. At first I didn't like how they fuzzed the distortion, but now that I've adjusted I could never go back. The tone is so much more alive...

Anyway; best of luck in your quest for the h4rDc0rez!eZt tone EVAH!
No I don't NEED more gain, I just want a metal bridge pickup. I also am considering speaker changes.
the JB is pretty metal, it will give you any tone you want. your amp however has to go, if you want any change in tone, thats what you need. it doesnt matter what pickup you have, a line 6 digital modeler peice of rape will give you the same digital modeler tone.
the JB and 59 are Really Good Pickups are quite versatile from what I hear so I don't know why you would want to take those out.. also Definitely should get a new amp if you want a Tone Change..
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X2N is great Chuck used it
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No I don't NEED more gain, I just want a metal bridge pickup. I also am considering speaker changes.

Pickups aren't going to make a blind bit of difference, neither are speakers.

If you don't like the sound then you need to get rid of the amp, anything else will just be a waste of money.
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