First Act guitars suck alot? I've had mine for 3 years and it's still playing perfectly and it's held out through a decent modification (killswitch). can someone just explain why they people say they suck?

1. Crappy wood
2. Crappy pickups
3. Crappy electronics (I had to redo wiring on my sisters recently, it's not but maybe a year old)
4. They're like, $100. You get what you pay for, so if you don't pay much...

I'll admit the first act acoustics I actually don't hate, they just need new tuners BADLY. But the electrics that come with an amp are just bad.
Crappy tone, not so smooth fretboard, garbage pickups, unstable tuning, bad wood on fretboard/body.

If you have had yours for 3 years and you are truly satisfied with it, you must have been lucky to pick up a decent one I guess.
yeah i guess that's true cuz my fretboard is getting a little bad and the pickups are WAY too sensitive, but other than that i have no real reason to hate them. but thanks for the input
the ones you get at toys r us are terrible
but supposedly the higher end models are pretty good
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They don't suck. Just their "beginner" models. They are actually a very high-quality and unique custom shop company.
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