Sin Ojos- Without eyes, or four bros who love playing music.

We are a new band just getting started in Salem, OR. Our members share a love for a variety of music, and we incorparate this into our sound. We draw from punk, reggae, ska, metal, blues, and some rap.
Hopefully we will start doing gigs soon, especially when we finally get the equipment.

You can check us out here: http://www.myspace.com/sinojos77
mostly just sublime and op ivy covers (with the except of "streetwalking") recorded on a video camera and i turned em into mp3's, so the sound quality isn't the greatest.
But check us out, especially oregon residents as we hope to be seeing you at shows!
All right man, I'm checking the link

I am probably the only UGer you will see at a show if you play in Oregon!

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