How many instruments should you learn before u call yourself a multi-instrumentalist?

Just out of curiosity, how many instruments do you think it takes for someone to play before they can call themselves a "multi-instrumentalist"?
3 i suppose.
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I suppose 3.
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Three. Two don't really count, especially if you play both guitar and bass, since they are almost the same thing, but in a band they are completely different, and both completely necessary.
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Multi can mean anything greater than one. Thing is, you should be able to sufficiently play all instruments involved to be considered a multi-instrumentalist. I know a lot of guitarists that I wouldn't even consider single instrumentalists, given how they lack in understanding their instrument.
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Two, but you need to be 'good' at them.
I don't mean hit a drum-- you're a drummer!
Strike a chord-- you're a guitarist!


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I say five but thats just because Im real sick of people going round saying "I can play guitar, bass, drums and sing!" and then pretty much suck at them all. As already stated, you have to actually be good at them ffs
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2 completely different instruments. eg. guitar and bass don't count but guitar and keyboard does.
well since multi means more than one, 2
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I would call myself a multi-instrumentalist.

Guitar, piano, voice, drums, bass, mandolin

Multi: More than 1

but, If you really want to get technical go by prefixes:

Or of course just polyinstrumental
I consider myself a multi - instrumentalist. I play guitar, bass, piano, euphonium and drums. I'm learning to sing but at the moment i'm hopeless at it.
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Just make sure that you learn the glockenspiel or don't bother calling yourself anything other than lame.
I consider myself a multi-instrumentalist. I can sufficiently play guitar, sax and baritone/euphonium.

However the glockenspiel falls under the category of being a percussionist. A true percussionist should be able to play the marimba/vibraphone and consequently the bells (A.K.A. glockenspiel) as well as be able to read music and have proper sticking technique as well as the other various "pit" instruments. I consider being a drummer as being able to hold their own within every type of drum there is. I think being a set player shouldn't fall under being a drummer, but rather a set player.
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2 completely different instruments. eg. guitar and bass don't count but guitar and keyboard does.

Yay! I am a multi-instrumentalist!

I play keyboard and guitar and I have a good understanding of both. I am much better on my guitar tough...
I find you have to have sufficient skill in at least two instruments before you call yourself a multi instrumentalist.
I have been playing classical piano for 14 years and play guitar and drums (drums not so well).
so i'd consider myself a multi instrumentalist.
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Multi-more then 1. So 2.

thread should have ended here.
Playing guitar and bass should count if you could actually bass better than someone just starting out.

I play guitar, sax, flute, bass, and can hold a few simple beats on a set.
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2 only makes you a bi-instrumentalist, like bilingual. So 3 makes you a multi-instrumentalist.
i don't really think that singing counts as an instument towards you total because, well, it's not and most people can sing (to an extent).

And according to all these definitions, except that dude who said five. I play Violin, Piano, Guitar and Bass and i'm ranging from good to quite good on all of them.
I think you should be able to play three to a high standard. But it also implies that you can just pick up other instruments, and you have the skills and the intonation to play those too.
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