Poll: how old where u when u started playing guitar/bass/ or whatever
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View poll results: how old where u when u started playing guitar/bass/ or whatever
under 10
5 8%
17 26%
22 33%
16 24%
5 8%
1 2%
Voters: 66.
when you first started to play guitar

i have two seperate ages,
i got my first guitar at 9 but it was right handed, and i'm left handed so i never really got into it,
THEN...eventually started playing when i was 14-15
nd this is my second year on a lefty guitar my Gloss black Dean ML

so how old were u when you first started playing?
and any fun stories about it?
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Well, I started playing a tiny old classical guitar when I was 7, and never got beyond open chords. Got my first electric last year.
got my first guitar when i was 12 but i wanted an electric and got an acoustic so took a few lessons and let it gather dust than started to pick it up again in late 06
14, got a strat copy for my birthday. Let it sit for a few months, and then started taking it seriously.
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I got my first guitar when I was 14 years old.
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Started playing Bass about 6 months now. The day I got it I was frustrated because I couldn't play anything. I learned Seven Nation Army and that was a real confidence booster for me and I kept trying. I finally got it and about three months later I was good. Now, another three months later, I'm actually making my own basslines and they're pretty good. Not great however, so I'm going to keep working at it. I realized that I have at least three years to master the bass before I get into a serious band and I think thats enough time for me
i was 9 when i began playing acoustic and stopped when i was 11
then i picked up electric when i turned 14
16 years old. Got a broken 28 years old Ukrainian classic guitar from a friend, had it fixed for 9 bucks .

Grandparents got me an acoustic when I was like 6-7 or so. I don't remember fooling with it much. Think dad made it disappear (he hated the toys that made the noise). Then they got me a guitar and amp when I was about 15 or so. Man was dad pissed at them.
I had a garage sale acoustic with 5 strings in the fifth grade, kept begging for an electric, and finally got one in I think the ninth grade.

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i first got my
eletruc guitar when i turned 11

but ive always had an epepihone acoustic
but ive nerver fooled around with it till like now
i started playing after i met friends in 6th grade that played
i had already owned a guitar but never really played it
it just sat there collecting dust in the basement until i met my guitar playing friends
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played acoustic wen i was 10, stopped for afew years and picked up electric when I was 14 (im 16 now)
when i was 11, i'm 14 now
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my brother had a guitar when i was younger, but he would never let me play it, i think i only strummed it once for like 20 minutes, that was when i was like 10, he quit gave up and sold it, like 3 or 4 years later, i decided to start playing, spent all my christmas money on a crappy washburn one at best buy, and i never looked back.
I had an old acoustic since i was 5 but never used it. Then bought a electric when i was 17 and played it everyday since.
Got a guitar at age 14, played with it a bit, then buy 15 I was doing a lot more serious work, bought me a better electric, a really nice old Epiphone SG with acrylic finish, then later that year got my first(and only so far) acoustic, a Greg Bennett Jumbo Black Bird, love that thing, then later one bought an Ibanez RG(2 years ago) then got a fretless bass 2 years ago, and somewhere in there started violin and piano, I play also mandolin, banjo and learning flute.
Got my first guitar (acoustic) at age 13.
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Late starter. Eighteen. Now 21.

Well, I'd always "messed with" instruments from about 12-13 years old, but never actually took one up until eighteen. I kind of regret not doing it earlier, but then again, I'm not sure that when I was younger I'd have had the staying power and focus I have now. Damned proud of what I've achieved in three years, too.
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Got my first when I was 11, didn't practice much. However, I seemed to progress well. 15 now and I play every day.
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