Sure is a good amp mate. I have tried it at a local music shop quitae a few times and its great for a rock n roll tone! not enough gain for like metal or anything but plenty on tap for bluesy stuff (that of course includes Rock)
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Definatly loud enough. Strongly recommend you put some casters on it though if you buy one...they're a pain to transport. Amazing clean channel, overdrive leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion, but still enough for some nice blues. Def. want to think about an overdrive or distortion pedal though.
Get an od, and you'll be ready to rock. Still won't do metal, though. Not a metal amp. The OD channels, as they stand, are bollocks. Cleans are great. Consider a Deluxe or Blues, as they're smaller and will not be quite as overbearing. 40 tube watts is MORE than enough to play almost anywhere. If you need more than that, they should be able to mic you thru the PA.
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Jake will suffice.

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