This is my newest song, Unwanted. I love it, it's definitely the best piece of music I have ever written and it is very soothing, but goes from angry to nice moods. I made the transitions as seamless as possible and I think everything works good. One highlight of the song is the solo and the bass, which I think are both flawless. Well that's enough of me being conceited, but I'm just so proud of it. Anyway, here you go, lemme see what you think.

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Unwanted (GP4,GP5,MIDI).zip
I'll crit it when I listen to it, and I'll listen to it later. I've downloaded it though, and it sounds good from what you've described. I love progressive stuff, so hopefully this shall be some good progressive metal. (Y)
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Yeah, I agree, not the most progressive thing I've ever heard, but the 5/4 timing and different 'sections' indicate some kind of progression.

Now, I'll try not to be too harsh, and if I am just remind me that I've only written like 2 full songs in my entire musical career, so therefore I suck. K?

Opening riff got a bit boring, and the let ring sounds pretty crap on Guitar Pro. I can only imagine that it sounds better in your head and you will make it sound better when you record it. Rest of it was kind of bland and boring to be honest, except for the riff starting at bar 99 which I thought was pretty cool. It was just all rather samey, not very many interesting rhythms, riffs didn't really hook you in. Although that's just me, maybe others will like it more. And of course it will sound better when it's recorded and done with real instruments.

But anyway, that's just my two cents.
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Critting it while listening.

The let rings at the intro was god-awful, though I guess that's GP's fault more than anything. The 5/4 was a nice touch, although somehow at first it seemed that it's there for the sake of being a 5/4, i.e. not being there because the song called for it. Gahhh, it's hard to explain it .

The bass was really nice, though why tap it? We bassist have more than the first two strings you know . I guess you don't want to sustain it, but I think it would sound better sustained. Lol, that aside, imo you held on the same riff for too long. I know that its purpose is just for the intro (well, that's the impression I got anyway), but a little variation wouldn't hurt.

The part after that was cool, kinda have that blues-y touch to it.

To be honest, with all that you've said about the solo, I kinda felt disappointed when the solo came. It's good, sure, but nothing mind blowing. But once again, the solo is nice .

Nice job on the transition, it really flowed perfectly, nothing seemed forced or anything. It just felt natural there. Also, great to hear a bass-driven song in here .

The riff starting at 99 was nice, but again, you repeated it far too long! But anyway, the ending was nice, it just felt right. Didn't felt like it's too short or too long.

Overall, a nice song, but I honestly don't see how it is made for lyrics. To me, it's more instrument oriented, but meh, whatever, we'll see when it gets recorded .

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The reason I like the solo so much is that it's the first solo I made that actually sounds like a solo. Also, change the distorted guitar at the beginning to a clean guitar, sounds way better.

IMHO, I liked it more when the intro is played on distortion . Well, okay then about the solo, it was cool and all. It definitely suited the song, and as of now doesn't have anything wrong with it, but after I listened to it again, it still seemed that it had the potential to be developed further. So, yeah .
Upto 32 was my favourite just because every instrument came in so perfectly, especially the bass. The bass is very well written. The whole intro flowed extremely well. Although it does give off a false impression of what the song is going to be like.

The riffs after that almost seemed to be bipolar, like a major sounding harmony when it should have been minor, or sudden changes in the song, but it is still very cool.

Now crit mine?