The guitarist in my band has a Carvin SX-300 head with a Carvin 4x12 280w SX closed back speaker. (https://www.carvinguitars.com/products/single.php?product=SX3412) He is wanting to find a good tone for metal with this extremely rockish amp. If any one knows a good setting for the distortion and clean channels on this amp or similer amps, could you please let me know because we have been messing with the settings forever and its just not working out. Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appriceated.
well he also has a digitech metal master distortion pedal, and it helps some, but its still an off tone, i think hes goin to try to get a different amp in a couple months though
try the settings thread and experiment with the settings of bands you are trying to sound similar to, or at least have a tone similar to what you are looking for.