So my itunes library just deleted itself blah blah blah I won't go into details

I'm installing new itunes, and it said if i wanted to grant access to "bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe and I said block all access as I didn't know what it was, then itunes said it can't install without it, so i said "retry" but as i said to block all access it isn't coming up anymore that I want to grant access

Anyone know how to grant it's access again?
Oh, I'm not sure then as I'm running Zone Alarm and it's a lot different. Hope somebody else can help you out. Y'know you could just restart your computer and try again.
It said something about Internet options/applications or something along those lines to get it back up but I can't find it anywhere.
XP. I'm gonna try and install it again and see if it comes up.

edit: i just disable my firewall for a bit and it seems to have worked.
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