The reason this came up is complicated but here's the question.

In western music, would there ever be an occasion where you would have to do a chord progression between G and Gmaj7 or G and G7 or Gmaj7 and G7?

G to Gmaj7 - Yes.
G to G7 - probably not, but if you use it it would be non-diatonic.
Gmaj to G7 - Same as G to G7.

Can I ask how you came up with this question?
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Yeah, actually, I was playing an Aerosmith song (one of their soft ones, I cant remember what its called) and there is one part where the chord goes from a G to Gmaj7. Autumn Leaves also has a part where it goes from a G to a Gmaj7.
G to G7, or to make things less complicated major to 7th chord, is pretty common....the Beatles used it a lot, it's a nice way to transition to the chord a 5th below eg G-G7-C, not to mention the fact that the basic blues/rock n' roll rhythm pattern is essentially constantly moving betwen major, 6th and 7th chords.
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