OK this is a noob question i know, however this is in the basics thread so shush.

How exactly should i use the metronome to practice scales?
A note played per beat? or a whole scale played for 4 beats?
or does it matter as long as the timing is right and i increase the BPM slowly :S

also how would i apply the metronome to a song, it seems difficult to do so xD

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter as long as you're in time. But I prefer to play quavers; 2 notes per beat.

Before you use a metronome with a song, you have to find out what tempo the song is. It takes a bit of guess work, but I don't see why you would need metronome while playing along with a song. The song will keep you in time.
Depends on what kind of notes you want to play, but basically it's like:

- Whole note = 4 beats
- Half note = 2 beats
- Quarter note = 1 beat
- Eight note = half a beat (meaning between each click you play two notes)
- Sixteenth note = quarter of a beat (meaning between each click you play four notes)
- 32nd note = eight of a beat (meaning between each click you play 8 notes)
- 64th note = sixteenth of a beat (meaning between each click you play 16 notes)

But thats is for the basic groups of notes, since you want to do scales you would probably play 3 note per string scales, so you would probably use triplets. In that case you just change the numbers a bit. If you play:

- 8th note triplets you would play 3 notes per beat
- 16th note triplets would be 6 notes per beat
- 32nd note triplets would be 12 notes per beat
- 64th note triplets would be 24 notes per beat

Consider that this information only works if you are playing in a 4/4 beat.
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Either. You can set it up so that you play one note per beat, or if you are practicing a song, you set it to be like the time signature of the song. So for a 4/4 song it would count off 4 beats (quarter notes) and the fourth beat would be accented to indicate the end of the measure. It sets the pacing of the song.