Sweep Picking is very frustrating for me now, i got the whole concept and how it works. But i just can't seem to let my pick slide gently over the strings without making one or another ugly noice.
Another thing is the fact that currently im not able to do the pattern everyone tells me to do, you know.. the 12 fret, 13, 14 fret, sweep up, sweep down. this exercise feels so small and frustrating, and i get this claustrophobic feeling in my fretting hand becouse theres just lack of space.

Could you guys give me some advice on how to improve? Or some other sweeep patterns i could work on?


practise sweeping on your acoustic, trust me you'll hear the difference in cleanliness and tonality. when you sweep pick, let gravity do the job of sweeping. hope that helps
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Start v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y with a metronome, and only increase the tempo when you've got it perfect at 40bpm or whatever.
Just to make you feel better, I'm playing the guitar 4 years and can't sweep. I never really tried to learn it, I'm not a good alternate picker anyway - tend to rely on legato, tapping, harmonics and dive bombs.
How good is your picking in general - you need to be pretty damn good anyway before attempting sweep pikcing.
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I don't believe im a bad picker, i rarely accidently play random notes, im not sloppy etc. My weakest point would be playing some scales at a very fast rate, then it usually get kinda sloppy.