i hate itunes who knows of a better program to transfere stuff to my ipod?
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can you not just use my computer (or equivalent)?
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i know this sounds stupid but...
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Get a Zen.

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can you not just use my computer (or equivalent)?

You can't transfer files through My Computer on an ipod, unlike real Mp3 players, because apple want you to use iTunes.

In fact that's not true, you can tranfer files through My Computer to an ipod but it's not very user friendly (you have to look in hidden files on the iPod, the songs aren't named properly, ect.).

I agree with some of the posts above, Zen > iPod.

Also, Apple are Nazis in disguise, i mean, err, annoying. Yes...annoying.
What's wrong with iTunes?

I used to hate it, and I would still much rather have WMP7, but the new WMP is even worse. And I've got used to iTunes.

I found the old Zens to be as much of a pain in the ass too.
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What's wrong with itunes...

You can use winamp, but it won't put songs bought off itunes onto your ipod.
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Is Winamp even that good? I hear good things about it, but have never bothered using it.

I never liked it.

It seemed very awkward.

However, it is the only program Milkdrop works on, which is the greatest visualisation plugin ever. So my stoner mates all have it.
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Doh, I well meat Zune. You got me there.

I didn't even need to look at the page, soon as I saw the URL, I though, yup, you got me there.

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hahaha nice Retro Rocker - a friend of mine said the same thing about an 'Microsoft Zen' the other day...
she got automatically corrected; ie 'Microsoft Zune'...

and then laughed at...

once again, you had to have been there.

Just to make this relevant; Unless im not mistaken, which is possible, you can just make a folder on your iPod entitled Music and copy the music across that way... a friend of mine did it and it worked fine for her...
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yeaaaaa, i love you zenmaestro in a non gay way

^Of course Venom, everybody does.

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This guy knows the score.

You see? Someone knows the score.