Hello =)

(sorry if my english is bad, i'm french, i just discovered this forum )

My opinion about the 10 best Guitar Solos may not be shared by everyone.

My musical culture must be bad, i know.

I made a video of these 10 solos.
Please, tell me why you don't like x)


Thank you !
I can think of about 50 great ones, but I couldn't boil them down to a top 10.

Edit: ^ Yes, Eric Johnson really is shit, isn't he.
Lol, you're gonna get flamed for putting Dragonforce in there. xD

First off, don't assume people are gonna dislike your video. Put it there so people can like it and enjoy it.

Second, props for Children Of Bodom, even if I don't listen to them that much. Alexi's a pretty good guitarist, and him the keyboardist have some pretty cool solos. I didn't know any of the other solos except for One and Eruption, and neither of those were very original. Oh well.
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I knew for Dragonforce (I didn't put Through the fire and flames, it's already that.. x) ), but i think they are cool :p
And yeah, Alexi Laiho is a very good guitarist, even if he belongs to a group... "BOURAHAHEHEHAHYARRRRRHAOURRRRRR" :p

Thank you for your answer.^^
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I dont like because Buckethead is the only good guitarist there, and this thread will be deleted soon.
HAHAHA. yeah, Eric Johnson? GREAT guitar player. besides, ZZ Top and Maiden are awesome
did you just SERIOUSLY call eruption unoriginal?

just about every glam metal solo in the 80s used it as a "blueprint"

edit: TS pretty cool video!
Top lel.