Hello =)

(sorry if my english is bad, i'm french, i just discovered this forum )

My opinion about the 10 best Guitar Solos may not be shared by everyone.

My musical culture must be bad, i know. :p

I made a video of these 10 solos.
Please, tell me why you don't like x)


Thank you !

PS : Sorry if I didn't post it in the good section.. =S
I love the song (Chris Wolstenholme rules =D) but the solo is not my favourite..^^
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OK, so were is Plug in Baby by Muse?

maybe cos it doesn't have one
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Listen to the solo in Big Trouble (David Lee Roth and Steve Vai). Sick.
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Decent list, but swap out 'Jordan' for a good Buckethead solo, Like 'Soothsayer' or 'Welcome to Bucketheadland'. Get rid of 'One' for a good Metallica solo like 'Disposable Heroes' or 'Ride the Lightning' and it would be significantly better.
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I'm so glad you didn't put stairway on there, that song is so overrated

here's my list

1. whole lotta love-led zeppelin
2. them bones-alice in chains
3. enter sandman-metallica (flame all you want that got me into guitar playing)
4. free bird-lynyrd skynyrd
5. buckethead-too many humans
6. paradise city-guns n' roses
7. texas flood-SRV
8. man in the box-alice in chains
9. eruption-van halen
10. voodoo child-jimi hendrix

and remember kids, this is just OPINION
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Decent list, but swap out 'Jordan' for a good Buckethead solo, Like 'Soothsayer' or 'Welcome to Bucketheadland'. Get rid of 'One' for a good Metallica solo like 'Disposable Heroes' or 'Ride the Lightning' and it would be significantly better.

1. Yeah, nottingham lace=good. Jordan=Not bad, but not great.
2. RTL is one of metallica's best solos.

On a second note, there's a video of Metallica plaing Creeping Death in Standard E in the similar videos (or whatever it's called) bar. YES! STANDARD E!
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Ride The Lightening is awesome, it sounds like if there were 3~4 guitars oO
1. Reelin' in the years - Steely Dan
2. Cemetery Gates - Pantera
3. Freebird - Skynyrd
4. ...And Justice for all - Metallica
5. Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater
6. Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
7. You really got me - Van Halen
8. Badlands - Bruce Springsteen
9. Fire and Water - Free
10. Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden
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Tomo J O > I love Dream Theater, but Petrucci is always.. how to say ? He always plays guitar very (too?) hard, he is always fast, etc...^^
Hotel California, not crazy fast but its a damn good solo
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can you guys come up with some original threads? its not that hard

im not even into country orientated music but why the **** isnt Brad Paisley on those lists for ****s sake
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These aren't necessarily the best guitar solos of all time but some of my favorite (not in order):

1. Whole Lotta' Love - Zeppelin
2. Since I've Been Lovin' You - Zeppelin
3. Rude Mood- SRV
4. Reptilia- Strokes
5. Dazed and Confused- Zeppelin
6. Jessica- Allman Brothers
7. Gravity- John Mayer Trio
8. Texas Flood- SRV

*starts sobbing*
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