What would be the best guitar I can get for about £120-£150? I'd like it to be a strat, but I'm just not the wisest with guitars... so what would you guys think?

P.S. I've been playing guitar for just over 4 months now so I want a nice guitar... the best I can get with £120-£150
what guitar are you using already?
and is £120 really going to make it a step up?....if not you would be better off saving up more and trying out more things first
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I'm using a standard vantage atm, I've probably got more to spend than £150 (I've got £220 altogether) but I want enough to buy a new amp in the not-so-distant future... of course with saving up too.

Oh, sorry I forgot to mention, the bridge of my current guitar is totally ruined. It's probably worth about £20 atm for the condition it's in. It isn't even mine, it was a temporary gift from my uncle... it'd just be nice to have my own, new guitar
Where do you live? There's a shop in glasgow called "the guitar store" or something, it's very reasonably priced second hand guitars, most of which in your price range. they're also mostly good guitars and the staff are sound.
Unfortunately I live in North Wales :P A bit of a drive to get there lol
maybe a yamaha pacifica 112v? i hear they are good for the money, think u can get them for about £150.
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Ahh... a good old Pacifica, I've been very blind! I might go and get that... hopefully today if I can find the time and the strength through my hangover.

Cheers for the good advice guys.
imo wait. If you're at all serious about this you're going to be disappointed by most of the stuff in that range.

But meh, I hear the pacifica isn't bad.
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