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hey guys i went to the local music store one day and i buaght these fender picks, i didn't check the size so when i picked one up i bent it in half(but it didn't break),i didnt know it was a superlight when i started playing BYOB i was pickin so fast i was going to piss myself.
I used one. Once, for about 10 seconds when it snapped playing my E string. What a waste of 50p
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Yeah, I bought a couple of 0.60's, misread them and thought they were 0.80's. Threw them out when I tried playing with them.
One of my mates let me use one of his that was 0.44, I almost killed him when I realised.
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I had a 0.46mm one which I really liked but I lost it. =[

I dont really mind how thick my picks are though, I used to use 0.46mm and now I use 1.50mm.
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Fender picks are dreadful.
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As we speak I have four Jim Dunlop picks beside me, varying in thickness. I have 0.46mm, 0.60mm, 0.73mm and 0.88mm. When I first started out playing guitar I used 0.46mm picks a lot and then at one point I switched to playing only with 0.88mm picks.

I'm not too picky, but right now I really like using my 0.60mm or 0.73mm picks. They aren't too solid nor too flimsy and I guess that's why I like them.

All in all, I'm not very picky (no pun intended).
I love thick picks. I have a 3.5 mm one made out of stone that I use.
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I tried very thin ones, and snapped them all into pieces.
They're no good.
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Fender picks are dreadful.

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i use 2.0mm

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I'm using a purple tortex right now, which is pretty thick, 'cause all my other picks got eaten by my dog.
I usually prefer something slightly lower than 1mm, though.
i have a jazz III which never gets lost i swear. i could chuck it out the window and i would find it under my pillow. I've bought and lost picks over the years but this one has always stayed with me. it's weird but it kinda tells me something. my only way to go is jazz III
The plastic which they use to make fender picks is shameful.. i find them horrible to use and play with, and they dont last long because they break and snap easily.
Right now I'm using a dunlop gator grip 2.0mm, those are my favourite. Damn I love gator grips. I used to use big stubbies a lot, but I lost them all.

My motto is, if it bends, it's binned.

Thick picks ftw
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I always use 0.46mm
Had some for years, I like them, I can play harder without snapping my strings. Jim Dunlop nylon ftw, they never break.
I prfer a light pick when i play my acoustic guitar. sounds and feels better.
But when it comes to electricity i would definitely recommend Dunlop JazzIII, the XL series or DAVA Control. Dava is supercool cause it is thick at the ends and soft in the middle so you can play almost anything.
The JazzIII never gets wasted, it is my longer lasting pick. Prefer the Black one though, it has a better feel in your fingers
I use anything between .20 and .50

I don't understand why anyone would use picks that don't even bend. How are you going to alternative pick and tremolo with that?
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I use anything between .20 and .50

I don't understand why anyone would use picks that don't even bend. How are you going to alternative pick and tremolo with that?

If youre a good guitaris you can use alternative picking without the need of a ight pick.
I play Ska, funk,Jazz and whatever needs alternative picking with ace thick picks.
Also a heavy, thick pick helps you inprove your speed and your palm mutes. seriously, try it! it helped me a lot at a young age!
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For electric guitar, I usually use Ibanez picks (Paul Gilbert ones) and for acoustic, I usually use Medium Fender picks (not sure how big they are in millimeters)

Edit: the Paul Gilbert ones are 1 mm, and the Fender ones are .55-.78
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i prefer thinner more flexible ones, they give me a better pecussive sound when playin dead notes on the acoustic, in my opinion
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no pick FTW

\When I first started I'd always drop my picks so I just said screw it and went Mark Knopfler style.
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