As title,wondering if an overdrive pedal would sound crap on a solid state amp. Not a distortion pedal.
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if you put it through clean channel itd just be like using it on any other amp. Just weigh up if you really need it though with the amp already having built in overdrive, it could be be a waste of space
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I think you might have the wrong idea about OD pedals. They don't emulate what your amp would sound like cranked up, they emulate what AN amp sounds like cranked. So you won't get any of that nasty cracked sound that cranking a SS amp gives you, you'll just get a mild distortion like cranking some other amps would give you.
I've explained that really badly but I hope you get what I mean.
Yeah really depends on what you're using to begin with. Maxon OD9 can sound nice through my AVT100 if you muck around with it long enough.
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