I noticed i have some prety crazy fret buzz on my a string, at the 10th fret. This is the only place it buzzes, and what can i do about it? I have just reintonated it, but noticed the problem before doing it, so i know it wasnt bad intonation.

So i think what i'm looking for is more back bow in my truss rod. When i hold down th first fret and then press the last fret, the string appears to be flat on every single fretwire. If i should have a slight bow between the 7th and 9th frets, i need more bow, right? Also, what kind of tool do i need to adjust it? It kinda looks like an alan wrench but im not sure, and dont want to stick anything in it and tear it up or damage it.
I adjusted the truss rod, it looks like i did a great job, however, the fret buzz is still there. any help?
Did you tighten or loosen the truss rod? If you tightened it, it'll only make the problem worse. From the description of your problem, you would have had to loosen it, maybe 1/4 turn or so. The results won't be instantaneous either. Give the neck a day or two to settle in to the new position. Loosening the truss rod will allow the tension of the strings to pull a bit more relief into the neck, giving it more inward bow. Tightening the truss will tend to straighten out the neck, and if gone too far, will give it back bow, not good.
Dave, Yeah I did loosen it, and after that, i re-intonated my guitar. everything on the guitar is perfectly in tune and everything, its just the a striong at the tenth fret... Maybe a high fret wire?
Yep, that's my guess at this point. See if you can get ahold of a nice straight edge of some sort. Preferrably not a yardstick. The edge of those are not very straight. At any rate, once you get something that's very straight, lay it on the frets from 1-14. What you ought to see is a little gap under it around the middle of that range, about fret 7-8. If so, the neck has some relief in it. Then while you still have the straight edge lying on the fretboard, you can check the clearance under it to the crown of the 10th fret at the the A string position. It's not going to be much, but you should have at least enough of a gap to see light in between the fret crown and bottom of the straight edge. If by chance the straight edge teeter-totters on the 10th fret, well, that's your problem child obviously. Time for a trip to your friendly neighborhood luthier for a fret redress and leveling.