ok Ive got an mp4...and i accidentally somehow got a virus onto it....so i had to delete everything because it was like ..you know...virusy. and in result i deleted all the drivers,emulators, and stuff for games and flash movies. so i downloaded them from the mp4's website.

The 3 files are

(ramos is just the brand of the mp4)

so..where should i put these files in order for them to work...directly in the Removable Disk folder, or can i put them into subfolders? (my mp4 plugs in by usb, and is liek a storage device too) ...and also, where can i download files, like games, flash videos and stuff that work with the above drivers? any safe websites? and also, what does gpkg mean? because right now, when i access my programs thing in my mp4, and i click on one of the drivers, all i get get on the mp4 screen is "loading..." and then it returns back to the program screen....please tell me where to get some programs so that i can make sure it works. thanks!
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