Hello, i've just recently been talking to this really cool kid, and he's been thinking about getting this Shecter Omen 6. He's only got a budget of $300, so i was gonna try to help him out by asking, what are some guitars that are as good as this one or better for a price range of $300?

Well, there is one thing to keep in mind: try to avoid tremolos.

In this price range, most trems are cheap LFRs, which you'll want to avoid.

With that in mind, the best thing to do is to just try a lot of guitars in and maybe slightly above your friends price range.

By the way, as an alternative to the Schecter, consider a hardtail Ibanez RG, like the RG321.
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^ Agreed. Cheap tremolo will only give you headaches.
Omen is the beginner line of Schecter. They're pretty good but will leave you wanting for another guitar after a while. The same goes to any other guitar from this price range.
If you want a guitar that will keep you satisfied I'd recommend to save up another 300 and look at higher level of guitar lines.
look at one of the schecters that is around 400-500 bucks...he can probably save up some money while he's looking, and in the meantime he can try out some guitars to get a feel for what he wants

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