Poll: Best genre of music?
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Death Metal
15 71%
14 67%
12 57%
Nu Metal
13 62%
12 57%
16 76%
Heavy Metal
16 76%
12 57%
Hard Rock
14 67%
12 57%
Voters: 21.
I prefer classical music myself. That and when I feel in a bad mood, I listen to emo *rolls over laughing at this thread*
I voted for all of them, theres a album or tracks a few bands in each that i like.

Rap to me; is foul mouthed Poets skipping beats over backing tracks..which is why i love its simplicity. Dr. Dre, Proof, eminem, D2 lot, fitty cent, the snoop Do double G,

gotta love some rap every now and again.
This is dumb. You lose.
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I would have voted for Indie, Jazz, Folk and Prog, but only Folk is there. You have offended me, and I challenge you to a fight on the tetherball courts after class.
lol u have faggot in ur username

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