hey im charlie. im 16. i sing and play guitar. only been playing for a year but im better than i should be because i already had a lot of musical knowledge (im a grade 8 saxophonist). I also play keyboard reasonably. I like loads of music, but mostly metal, punk, metalcore, etc. Also jazz and acoustic. play stuff like gallows, atreyu, alexisonfire,etc.

so yeah...i live near woking (in chobham), so anyone round there that wants to jam/form a band/anything really just message me. not really expecting much but meh. I can get to waterloo in like half an hour on the train.

im 16 next month

im a pretty deent guitarist

live in wembley(london)

into metal/metalcore
A7X, Atreyu, KsE

email me if your interested brecko@live.com
myspace.com/charliebanks has some stuff of me singing, but its all acoustic, and soft. i can do much better rock type harder singing and if need be can scream a bit.