See the garden of inspiration
Watch it grow into a million dreams
Know there's nothing holding back on you
No there's nothing we can't do

Dream child
Dream child

Where do we go now
We'll go together
This peace we're holding
We hold together

Sometimes the world will try to push you down
You can use the music to turn it around
Plant the seeds of love in someone else's mind
Smiles you create will be the greatest high

Be the change you want to see in the world
Let the buds of creativity unfurl
If all creation stems from destruction
Let us destroy this worlds corruption

Dream child
Dream child

This path we're walking
Doesn't have to be in solitude
These words we're talking
Should be spoken to everyone

Wherever we're going
We'll go together
This peace we're searching for
Can only be found together

See the garden of creation
and dream my child
how about dream or dream child? i like it, do an acoustic piece to this and you got something realy good
im thinking you should name it dream child....

.....i dont know why. not a bad song, wanna hear it. but yeah, defienetly go acoustic, reminds of spaceboy by smashing pumpkins.
"Then I saw that there was a way to hell, even from the gates of heaven."
-John Bunyan
I can see that being a good classic rock song, but then again i can sing anything and make it classic rockish :p.
Not bad though there were some cool lines.

Quote by KeepOnRotting
+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
ok, sounds like dream child is the general consensus. I've changed the lines 'These words we're talking, Should be spoken to everyone' to: 'These songs we're singing, should be sung to everyone'