i see this so often, people coming on to UG after making a huge purchase and then asking what people think of them BUT....

i have asked around here about amps before and took that advice with me to the shops today and heres what happened....

well, i practise with an ashdown MAG 300 410, it would be ideal for me, i need to play pubs just with an amp. i tried 2 MAGs both a 210 and a 115 and they both sucked 0_o i was expecting an awesome amp but the sound was a tad muddy and they werent loud enough, only having 1/2 speakers. they were they grey fronted ones though, not the blue which seem to be much better, but out of my price range

next was an ampeg BA115 the best sound there easily, but it turned out to be the 220W model with all the bells and whistles and was £600 lol. it was still too quiet even at 220W

the next one i was sceptical about, the marshall MB4210, seemingly the bass version of the shoddy MG series. but i was very surprised to find it a very nice amp indeed. uber versatile, going from the mellow, bassy blues i play in the band, straight to growly slap tones i love to play at home. 2 channels and you can blend the two, seperate EQs also.

oh did i mention its 450W? its loud as hell, even at 300 w/o the cabinet (which i can see myself buying to further increase e-penis) i got this in the end, bargain price too. top end of my budget, more than the ashdowns, but reduced from £400 to £280. its even good for quiet home practise!

im over the moon with this, its so versatile and sounds great!

how could i not provide suitable pr0n too?...

along side my MIM jazz

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I've played MB's.

They're shocking amps. If you found a MAG muddy and crap, sounds like you weren't EQing properly.
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the MAGs at my practise rooms sounds great, the little ones didnt

and theyre only one chanel
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Stevo is ghey . . . .


But srsly, shoulda gotta Laney.
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Stevo is ghey . . . .


But srsly, shoulda gotta Laney.

biggest laney contender was the RB8. i didnt try it but the only thing it has over the marshall is the graphic EQ

one channel
1 speaker
less power

if i had PA capabilities i think i'd have gone for an RB4/5
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i hear marshall was pretty bad at bass amps
i was under the impression that they were mainly great guitar amps

their cheap guitar amps are terrible, the expensive ones are great.

i was sceptical at first, but its a really nice amp. so many tones in there
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Well dude, what's the last thing we always include in our advice to the noobs?

"But the important thing is," [inspirational lesson music] "make sure you go out and try the amps for yourself. That's the only real way to know what you want."

What you have done is the opposite of hypocrisy. It's practicing what you [read: the bass forum] preach! Kind of the same story with my SWR LA15.

Glad you found an amp you really like!
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