Well, I can fix my own guitars, but when it comes to amps, I'm an idiot.

Heres the trouble:

I come home yesterday, plug in my guitar and trouble. My amp has double inputs. Input 1 is dead, no sound, no signal. Input 2 is still active. Anyway, I figured i'd come on here and ask the amp gurus what the problem may be before I haul it to the shop and pay them a wad of cash to fix it.

Any help will be appreciated!

Edit: Normally I would just give specifics but, seeing as how I'm pretty sure nobody will know what amp I'm talking about (Because nobody ever does) I'm just going to post pictures of it.

I call it my frankenstein Fender because everybody that sees it has never seen a Fender like it before. I picked it up in a pawn shop a few years back for peanuts, and laugh all you want at it, but I love it more than my other more expensive amps i've owned. Like I said, plugged my guitar into input 1 (Hi) and it's dead. I'm guessing a wire malfunction, but i'm an amp idiot so thats why I posted my problem here.
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It would be a good idea to mention what amp you have, so we can help you.

The solder connections on the first jack may be faulty.