This guitar is simply amazing!This is a BRAND new guitar with Original Floyd Rose,dimebucker,PAF is the neck,etc.This guitar is PERFECT.There is only 24 in existence of this type.I am offering either a trade for a ,JSX Peavey half stack, or a Jackson Soloist.This guitar is from 07 and has been barely used,its beautiful and plays like butter!If you cannot trade the item becomes $1400 bucks.You can offer but offers must be reasonable and if guitars can only be deans or jacksons

dude, hold on to that and in 10 years it will be worth double. dimebag is dead and hes not coming back so the longer it has been, the more itll be worth
dude I'll trade you all my guitars plus my cat for that thing.

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the sexiest dean i have ever seen in my life wow. good luck
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damn that things nice man. i would trade my dean and my ibanez for that tthing but sadly it still isnt even close
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omfg.... that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
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you say offers may only be deans or jacksons, do you take gibsons or PRSs?
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you say offers may only be deans or jacksons, do you take gibsons or PRSs?

depends on which ones they have to be good ones..
Sorry to clog up your thread with non-sale related posts, and not much of a Dean fan, but wow that guitar looks amazing.
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ive got some les pauls, SGs, and a PRS, PM me if your interested in working something out
1200 and I pay shipping? I love this guitar
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Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR for it :P
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/\ if you get this fine guitar for a schecter.... i will kill someone
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Why haven't you taken the $1400?

just did man this is done,someone lock this.