So the other day i decided to purchase a Gibson Dirty Fingers humbucker to put in the bridge of my Epiphone G-400. I've never soldered anything before but the swap went fine, took me about 15 minutes. After having played it for a day or two and realizing how easy soldering is I think i want to wire it for coil-splitting. Does anyone know where i can find instructions on how to do this? Also i don't want to do any actual drilling on the wood, so does someone know how i can install a switch to change between the humbucker and single coil?

As long as your Dirty Fingers is a 4 wire humbucker, you'll be fine.

You'll need a DPDT switch of some sort to change it to single coil. You can either install a seperate toggle in your guitar, which will require a new hole, or you can order a DPDT push/pull pot from smallbearelec.com. It will replace one of your volume controls (or tone) so that way, there's no visible change to the guitar.
thanks for the advice. How does your guitar sound? especially since i was thinking about getting a gibson classic plus for nice classic rock sounds in my neck p/u.