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Well being new here I am pretty new to guitar as well. I have the basics, but what are the easiest songs to play. Genre doesn't matter.
White Stripes - Seven nation army.
kasier Chiefs - I predict a Riot
As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones

This one is good for Getting used to chords if you are new.
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue eyes.

Originally Posted by Draekon

A song im very good at is Raining Blood!
"RAINING BLOOD! from a lacerated sky! Bleed is Horror! I bleed destruction, and now i shall REIGN IN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Is that what he says?
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Brain Stew - Green Day

aerials- system of a down
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Electric funeral- Black Sabbath

Come as you are- Nirvana

Papa smurf rap- Papa smurf and the Destroyers
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Mine is day tripper.
If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
Saybia - I Surrender
White Stripes and Nirvana is pretty easy.
Greenday has some easy songs.
Audioslave - Explorer or Exploder (The chorus is tricky but the solo is easy if you don`t tremolo pick)
House of the Rising Sun
4 Non Blondes - What`s up
Oasis - Wonderwal
RHCP - Californiacation

Stuff like that
good by blue sky
..And justice for all ( the james parts)
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six-all that remains
smells like teen spirit-nirvana
beautuful people-manson
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green day-pretty much any song
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Well I will throw in one I learned
Ghost riders in the sky


One of the most kick ass things I've ever learned how to play.
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Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

I second this ^

Also, Behind Blue Eyes = The Who, NOT Limp Bizkit....homo

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson is another easy song for you to learn.
The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson.

Not an easier song in the world imo. Its in drop D. Have a look, you will be surprised by the easiness of it. The upside? Sounds great too
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THe rhythem part to Enter Sandman is easy
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pink floyd- money

lynyrd skynyrd- on the hunt

black sabbath- paranoid
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Dime Crybaby From Hell
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The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson.

Not an easier song in the world imo. Its in drop D. Have a look, you will be surprised by the easiness of it. The upside? Sounds great too

That was gonna be my answer! Yeah it is ridiculously easy to play and if you get the tone right it sounds fantastic!
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I've always thought the riff and bridge for Raining Blood from Slayer was quite easy.
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Hearts Burst Into Fire by Bullet For My Valentine


Jingle Bells!!!!
Judas Priest - Breaking the law. So damn easy
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Songbird - Oasis, easy 2 chord song (Em & G)
Sloop John B - Beach Boys
Anything by Johnny Cash!
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