Has anyone used this guitar or owns this guitar? If so do you like it and do you thinks its worth the price. Im a lefty so i would have to get this one. any help would be greatly appreciated.
im a lefty also and i bought one recently i deffinitely recommend this guitar
Hey Dude Im also a lefty and have one its not bad, Thick neck though, but its palyable. I Play Metal so I put a Emg 81 in the Bridge and it sounds rad now
if its your first or second guitar, then definitely go for it. it is brilliant. nuff said
i have one and i would recommend it
its great but a little neck heavy
everything else about it is nearly flawless
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It is a fine guitar. Build quality can be inconsistent with Epis in this price range though. Just check if anything rattles or if the neck is bent or the frets uneven. If not, you're ready to go (this is not an issue in 99% of the cases - but there's still that 1% that's badly build).

About the sound: I know that sound quality is entirely subjective, but I don't like it's sound at all. The tonewoods are decent, but the pickups are utterly useless. They sound muddy and have way too much bass and midrange, no treble at all. You can use them when playing clean, but it's a mess once you use even a little overdrive, you just cannot make out any clear notes then, it's just noise. This is a problem with most Epi's, be it the G400 or LP Custom. But you can later replace the pup's with something better (about 100 bucks per pup). This way you'll have a killer guitar.

All in all: Go for it.
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thanks guys i think ill go for it =]

Wise choice sir, you will not be disappointed.
I love my G-400!
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