I'm currently trying to set up a home studio and i'm wondering if anyone knows of a good firewire interface with midi and audio capabilities that works with Windows Vista. I've been considering buying the m-ausio Firewire 410. I've read of a few people having trouble with it and every one else seems to like it and think the others are idiots. Can anyone with experience with this interface tell me about it? i'm open to other exquipment ideas. my budget is about $400. Keep in mind it needs to work with Vista.

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Alright man I have a bit of experience with such things although i use a usb 2.0 interface instead of firewire. USB 2.0 is faster than firewire anyway (unless u have firewire 8 on a mac)

I have been using tascam stuff for years and it has never given me the slightest problem. They have a range of affordable stuff and there are vista drivers for all of their products.

On another note I'd like to recommend Toontrack EZDrumeer over Battery....I use to run Battery but to be honest I'm not much of a fan. EZDrummer sounds easier and is much quicker and easier to use.
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I don't know man, you might be in a bit of a rut. I've been looking at interfaces for awhile now, and the firewire's aren't really compatible with vista. The TASCAM's aren't all compatible either, the FireOne isn't, and the higher ones are, but they are out of your price range. For the record, firewire is about the same speed as usb2, usb2 is rated slightly higher, but doesn't sustain the rates as well. But if you are running a mac, the firewire is usually faster, and if you are running a PC the usb2 will usually be faster.

There are a few vista capable interfaces that use USB2, what kind of computer are you using. Do you really have vista without USB2?

Also, most of the firewire interfaces are working on drivers for Vista, but they are not out yet and who knows how long it will be.
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Go with a PreSonus FP10 interface. The PS site shows they have vista drivers out now but Im not sure how well the work since Ive not used one with vista yet.


PreSonus FP10:

You dont need a mixer for recording, just mix using the software mixer. If you want hands on control you can get a control surface.


BTW, trigger EZDrummer with your e-kit, you will get much better sounds than are available in your Yamaha drum module. I'm currently saving up for the newest SD2.0 from Toontrack so I can use sounds other than available in my Roland TD6V module.
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i wasn't really planning on using the mixer. its just what i was using with my XP before it broke down. i'm now just looking for something other than a regular usb, like my current mixer, and something to run my midi through. my computer is a Dell inspiron by the way and now i've been hearing that dell sucks for recording. maybe i'll pick up fishing for a hobby instead. whats up with those little midi to usb cables? do the transfer velocity?
Dell should be fine dude, it's more hardware-specific rather than brand specific. Do you have USB-2 ports or just usb? if you have usb-2 you could look into those interfaces too. Otherwise that PreSonus looks pretty good but it doesn't have midi eh?
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Quote by Bigdave9576
Alright man I have a bit of experience with such things although i use a usb 2.0 interface instead of firewire. USB 2.0 is faster than firewire anyway (unless u have firewire 8 on a mac)

Ha. Not completely true. In theory USB 2.0 is faster, but rarely gets better speeds than FW. Its too late to explain why, but FW is slightly better for both Audio and Video if you have the choice between the 2.
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thanks for all your recommendations. What do you guys think of Alesis Firewire Mixer? I know it doesn't have midi (reading the reviews, i think i'm gonna go with the E-mu midi to usb cable). And does anyone know if cubase 4 works with Vista?