So I'm looking into buying a Boss ME-50 after finals are over, but I just want to make sure it doesn't suck or anything. I just want to know what the overall quality of the sounds are, ease of use. You know, the basics.

Also, I'm a jazz guy, so I really don't care if it can "make you sound like Slash" or something like that. I'm really looking into Multi-Effects so I can add something to my sound, and get into modernist jazz fusion type stuff like Kurt Rosenwinkel (who any of you that have an ounce of self respect should listen to.)

So as I said, opinions, suggestions?
It's a good piece of kit. The distortion sounds aren't any good really, but the effects are all pretty solid.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I'm also looking for a multi effects pedal. Basically I need a tuner, noise gate, delay, reverb, and chorus.
it's pretty nice, i own it... I'd say the distortions and overdrives are not that great, there are maybe only 3-4 models that sound decent...the effects and the delay are really good though. so if you are really mostly buying it because of the effects, you should definitely get it!
but don't forget to get an power cord for it, because if you run it on batteries, it won't serve you very long because it needs lots of electricity...

the other disadvantage is that if you shift in between sounds you have saved on the ME-50, the sound cuts out for like half a second...
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alright i'll try it
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