What are those "a." symbols called and what do they mean? I've been trying to find this out for some time now.
I don't know for sure, but what instrument is it for? If it's for violin/cello etc, I'd guess that it means arco - use the bow.
Possibly accelorando. Or maybe they are just marking something that doesn't relate to the music itself.
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-Maybe it stands for "anular" which is spanish for ringfinger (according to online dictionaries).
Pima markings are almost always above the notes(or at least lined up with them) - so I'm 90% sure it's not that. also, you wouldn't use A for those 3 notes.

The fact that it's followed by a period kind makes me think it's a phrase marker like a, a-prime etc. But again, i've never seen it like that.
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