Im making a CD for my girlfriend of songs that she likes, and Ive decided to do covers of these songs. I want to know what you guys think about them before I make the CD, to see if you have any suggestions. But I cant sing at all, so I played the vocal melody with a keyboard for Warmness on the Soul, and i havent decided if Im going to have a vocal melody for DIYA... But yeah, let me know what you think of the two. Thanks!
Here is the link to my dmusc, because UG doesnt like the MP3 format for whatever reason! And if you leave me a link, I'll crit your cover or original as well.
I listened to the DIYA cover. Love the piano intro, I've only heard the actual song like twice so cant remember if it's actually on it, but I like it anyway. I think the lead guitar may be abit loud, and the tone on it could be slightly better, but the rhythm is spot on. I like how you made the solo, but it could maybe of had more variety.

For some reason it just cut off just after the solo But it was pretty good overall.

I'd say 8/10
^ Kind of disagree with the previous post. On dying in your arms there are alot of parts where the rhythm guitar is out of time.. a little off with the backing track. The solo definatly needs alot more work before you give it to anyone IMO. There was one part where the guitar played a loud note out of nowhere, just.. ping!.. sounded really wierd. Warmness actually sounds really good. I don't know if you used a backing track or not but the only crit I really have for that one is that in one part of the solo, a few parts actually the solo and the backtrack don't sound good together, like either the back track has the wrong notes, or the solo the way you changed it isn't quite as good of a match with the rhythm as it should be. I'm being picky but overall good work, just tryin to help out with a few small parts that caught my attention. Good luck with the cd.
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^Which solo? The first one, or the one that was meant to be piano that I changed to a guitar solo? And thanks, I just caught that ping. I thought I edited it out... Guess I didnt, haha. I wasnt sure what setting my amp was on and I thought "Oh ill just edit it out later." So thanks for that catch, haha. And yeah, the solo isnt my best... I learned it by ear 5 minutes before I tried to play the song though, and I didnt harmonize it... but Ill probably end up re doing it... Thanks for the criticism man, all of it is appreciated. I want these to be as good as possible. I think most of the timing issues are there because I have terrible latency on the program I use, and I have to guess and shift the file over about a quarter of a second, so if its a little off, you can pick up on some apparent parts... But that can't be helped too much. Thanks again.
I think it's a good cover but the solo needs a bit more work, but overall nice job.

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Warmness of your solo was really good, the tone could be better and some parts were sloppy, but overall good work.