I'm swapping out some strings today and I want to get the crap off of my fretboard. I don't have money for the Dunlop stuff, so what else can I use to clean it?

if ur neck is rosewood, just use some lemon juice. It works great
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i've used baby oil, like johnsons baby oil.
Works a treat
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lemon oil. no money for dulop stuff??? ernie ball wipes. theyre like less than 5 bucks
The following is only for Rosewood. Do not do this with Maple. Search on Maple if that is what you have.

^Oh, and someone said lemon Juice, you meant lemon Oil correct? Juice has acid in it right?

Here is a snippit from thread i was involved with about a month ago: (I'm NOT saying you need to take steel wool to your guitar so don't freak out on me - but i've done it and it CAN be good for frets mostly)

spray with Lemon Oil for guitar, let sit a bit, wipe down with new clean cloth, repeat, whatever. Brand new tooth brush will work great!

Steel Wool:
1. do only once or twice a year - not for every string change
2. when you do do it make sure you have time in between string changes (an hour or evening or so)
3. go lightly - WITH GRAIN (this is more for your frets than the wood)
4. Edit: only spray once with lemon oil, this stuff is thick and will penetrate ...let it bleed
5. unlike maple, there is no coating that i know of on strat rosewoods so be carefull
6. do dat (meaning - carefull! ...OR...don't do it all period)
7. wrong post but worth exercise
8. cover pick ups so wool does not attract
9. DO NOT LEAVE GUITAR UPRIGHT! The oil will actually bleed down to higher frets in an upright position. Do this whole thing horizontally and leave it that way overnight to dry without playing. imo

done correctly imo it is like silk
(not an expert here - im sure there are other rosewood posts so please search)
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Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Fretboard Conditioner = awesome.
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