are you sure its WMV, cause it works fine for me, most of mine are WMV, and AVI. Try using that software creative gave to convert movies or transfer, you shouldn't have to.
is says that the "video format exceeds the playback capabilities of your player" then it convert says converting whatever.wmv to whatever.wmv

I usually try to only get AVI files as i know those will work but i guess I have no other choice.
i think someone labeled them wrong wherever you got the video from. trying getting this software, search on google. AVS video converter, its free. THe software gives you a choice of Creative Zen Vision M, so the video comes out nice and smooth for the zen
I can't put any videos on mine...it was so annoying I gave up trying
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Quote by woodsballplayer
How come when I go to put videos on this thing it needs to convert .wmv to .wmv?

It might be a different version that the Zen isn't compatible with. The Zen Vision:M also doesn't run wma files from WMP 10 or 11, just the WMP 9 version.
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