Do you guys know of any good movie/video making software out there? I've used the free Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle software but they sometimes freeze up on me and speed up some of the recordings. If you could help me out that would be great.

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Avid, Adobe premiere on Windows and Final Cut Pro on Mac.

They all cost in the hundreds though.
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I have Sony Vegas, never used it properly. I used to use Adobe Premier, ages ago before they came out with a new crap one.
Sony vegas in my opinion
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Nero's movie maker is pretty good. It's got some nifty effects and stuff too.
I believe it's included in Nero Ultimate Edition, I'm sure it's in other editions too.
Vegas is worth a try. It could be scary at first with its lots of buttons, but after a week of trying you will realize that you could literally do everything. With a lot of trying and an overall understanding of the possibilities of motion image manipulating you could recreate Matrix, 300, "other random ****" like effects. Here's the first tutorial which gets me into editing. Youtube After it you could search for lot of well edited game videos to get inspiration, ideas. (not some AMW ****, but CS frag movies, GTA Stunt vids. etc.)

But the most important thing is that you should try everything for yourself and recreate every step of the video on your computer.

It is good to be a guitarist because maybe we have more sense for arts, stlye and stuff which is important in editing.
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The best for the price is Sony Vegas and I actually prefer using it to Premiere (Final Cut's great but you need a Mac). Combine Vegas with After Effects for motion tracking/color correction and you can do some really pro looking stuff.