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Ibanez BTB305
16 76%
Cort Curbow
5 24%
Voters: 21.
I am in need of a bass guitar, and I am in a position where I have two choices. I think I already have an idea which I would end up going with, but let me just get some word from people with (hopefully) more experience.

Option one: Cort Curbow, the exact model pictured below.

This one would cost me $475 plus tax (I believe it is around 13% right now). The thing that sketches me about this guitar is that very few things are actually made of natural materials. The fingerboard is Ebanol and the body is Luthite. Are these things still decent materials, or are they a red flag for a bad bass? Through the terrible amps I was able to try it through (really small music store), I was able to get some half decent sounds out of it, but I don't know if the bass will stand the test of time with all these crazy new age fibres.

Option two: Ibanez BTB305 in Transparent Black, the exact model pictured below.

This one is the one I was leaning towards. It is made of actual wood, and not bad wood either. It seemed to have, naturally with more pickups, a better range tonally as well as having the extra string. It has been used, but the only things wrong with it are a couple minor scratches, and it seems to play fine. It would cost me $600 with no tax, just strait up 600 bucks. I got a similarly mediocre tone out of it in the store, but I was playing on the same low-grade amp as with the Cort.

Alright guys, what do you think? Please don't give me any more suggestions other than the two I've given, as my time and product availability are really limited, and these seem decent for the cash. I will put up a poll.

EDIT: I will be playing in a rock style band, but I would like to deviate from that and play other styles, if that makes any difference. And looks aren't a huge issue to me at all.
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get the ibanez - its more versatile a it has 5 strings and also it looks better in my opinion !!
Corts are awful. I hate them more than any other bass.

Get the Ibanez just because the Cort would be terrible.
Well, to answer one of your questions, Ebanol and Luthite aren't bad materials. The older Ergodynes were made out of Luthite - including the one I have - and they can give you some great tonality. I don't know if it's just me though, but Luthite does seem to make dead strings sound worse... I might just be crazy.

All in all though, that Ibanez is a little bit out of the Curbow's league. And plus, having a 5th string isn't "a little extra", it's something you have to want or not want. Given a choice between the two, I'd advise you get the Ibanez, simply because it's a higher end bass and you're getting it used for a good price.


I did a little research for you. Turns out I don't know my Ibanez models as well as I thought.


Do NOT buy that used for 600. You are getting ripped off.

...I would still suggest you get one, but just not that one.
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...Coincidence? I think not.
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I had a cort curbow recently that I got for $100. Pros: Light, comfortable to play standing up, 27 frets on the E string, can get a pretty wide range of sounds. Cons: Really uncomfortable to play siting down, If you're a big guy it'll look weird on you do to the small body, the tone is pretty sterile and has no personality(im guessing do to the luthite body). I would go with the ibanez but $600 is way too much for a used one.
if you have $600 for a bass, you need to do alot more research. there are several brands and models in this price range worth looking into. don't limit yourself to just two choices. $600 is way more than i would pay for a used Ibanez. for used look into
Fender, EBMM, or, Warwick. for new look into Schecter, Fender, Ibanez, and Squier Vintage Modified.
I quite like Cort Curbows (especially fretless ones), but as the guy above said they're useless sitting down. I don't have a clue about Canadian prices, but I'm sure there are other options for $600 you should be looking into, and you should definitely know how many strings you want before buying a bass.
Thanks for the insight on the models there, I appreciate it. But to the folks telling me to look at different basses, as I have already stated, I live in an area where simply looking at the fine basses you have mentioned is very hard to do. We have one music shop, and those are the best basses that they carry, no joke. I don't have a credit card to buy online with, either, so that's another roadblock. I guess I could always save up a hundred bucks and bus into the city, but that takes forever and the bus is really expensive. I can talk to the gentleman at the store and see if he would drop the price on the BTB, or at least match it to what the dude posted on MF.
Out of those two, get the Ibanez, but if it doesn't have to be one of them, look at getting something else. You'd get a nice enough bass for that amount.
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