I'm Peter, and I'm playing rhythm guitar for a Singaporean heavy metal band. We have a full lineup except that now we are in a desperate, i say, DESPERATE, need and want of a dedicated drummer. Oh btw, just in case some of you don't know where Singapore is, it's uhm...in South East Asia. Google it! haha...

I know its kinda weird of me posting here, but me and my lead guitarist have tried many venues for recruitment even our own local music website. drummers came and went, some simply dont have the time, some dont have the interest, some have other bands and commitments galore, but worst of all...

..some dont have the attitude.

I'm sure most of you guys would already know what i mean so i shall not write out an essay here. 4 of us have already gone thru a bit of hell writing our originals and practicing our riffs after work and school. And without a drummer we would quickly become very disinterested and discouraged. Its tedious, really...

I just joined this band and i cant express so much how much ive thanked God being with like minded musicians.

Okay, basically, my influences lie heavily in Megadeth and Metallica and some 80's thrash metal and recently some metalcore (trivium, BFMV...). The lead is influenced on some Megadeth and old Metallica, but more to the industrial side......ah well, we are all metalheads in general.

So drummers who are interested in joining us put the M in Metal and kicking some mainstream ass BIG TIME, please contact me at...

8222 4632



thanks and see ya online
I would but I dont live in singapore.... but believe me if i did id be straight over there jamming with u